Guide for Users

Tonesight is able to recognise the movements of one or both your hands, so that you can ‘play’ various music or audio description that relates to specific parts of a painting or room.

To use Tonesight, simply walk up to the position indicated on the floor (or as shown by a gallery assistant) and raise your hand or hands towards the exhibit.

If Tonesight is operating via headphones, these will be placed directly ahead of you at waist height.

Take your time to explore the painting or building through the sounds that have been carefully composed for the exhibit.

Moving a hand forwards will ‘zoom in’ on one area and therefore one sound, and moving back will include more of the exhibit and therefore a greater number of sounds.

For some systems (such as the Painted Hall), a switch is also available on the headphone stand for changing between the options of music and/or Audio Description.

At the end of your experience, simply replace the headphones and walk away from the sensors, at which point the sound will stop.

If you require help using Tonesight, please ask one of the gallery stewards who will be more than happy to help.