Pilgrims Hospice

Pilgrims Hospices is a charity providing free palliative care to people in East Kent.

We made contact with the Occupational therapists at their Canterbury centre, with the aim of exploring the use of Tonesight in a therapeutic setting.

Two students from Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys - Jasmin and Edan - visited the centre to perform their music to patients and talk to them - amongst other things - about their favourite music.

A demonstration of the Tonesight system to the group in the Occupational Therapy centre led to plans for a project that would link music to a photograph of Cape Tribulation - a place that evoked strong memories for one of the patients.

Through further conversations and music sessions with the patients, Edan and Jasmin settled on a project that would fuse elements of Eric Clapton’s ‘Layla’ and Coldplay’s ‘Head Full of Dreams’.

Focussing on electric guitars, bass and vocal harmonies, the pair created layers of sound for the Cape Tribulation image, with each sequenced track assigned to its relevant part of the photograph on the Tonesight website.

In April 2019, the group returned to the Hospice with the project for the patient to experience.

The process of creating the project - and the relationships established through that process - were moving and rewarding for patients and students alike, with Edan and Jasmin developing new skills as professional and community musicians.

Deploying Tonesight within an Occupational Health setting demonstrated great potential benefits, opening an avenue for reflection, inter-generational collaboration, and with the technology enabling a moving - personalised - creative experience for the patients.

Patients at the Hospice were understandably tentative in using the system within a group situation, and the project highlighted the need for a system that can be accessed at any time, either in the corner of a room or within a ‘quiet space’, enabling the patients to experience projects privately and independently.