Tonesight at the Painted Hall

From 29th June 2019, Tonesight will be available to experience at Greenwich’s Painted Hall.

The beautifully-crafted installation has been specially designed for the Naval College and will allow the user to to conjure extraordinary, newly-composed music and description from the walls and ceiling of the Upper Hall.

The Painted Hall's Tonesight

The music for the installation was written through a collaboration between 42 young dancers and musicians, with Thornhill’s themes and imagery given new form by dancers working in the Painted Hall itself.

Boundless Skies

Musical themes, motifs and rhythms were developed simultaneously, alongside the dancers, with the aim being to create a soundscape that captures the movement and drama of the paintings, whilst conveying its themes and characters in all their exquisite detail.

Rehearsing in the Painted Hall

An optional audio description, detailing every feature in the Upper Hall, has been recorded by the celebrated actress Jane Asher, and offers - in particular - visually-impaired visitors an extraordinary new insight into Thornhill’s masterpiece.

Tonesight is available to be used by visitors to the Hall between 10.00-17.00 each day from 29th June 2019 onwards.


Cal Hewitt Richard Navarro-Pollott Dulcima Showan Nicholas Showan




Carnyx Brass

Martin Thomson Adam Crighton Christopher Roberts Christos Stylianides Clara Hyder Danielle Price David Swan Ian Sankey Peter Thornton  

Trinity Laban Conservatiore and Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys

Baritone Sax: George Gooch Piano: Morgan Burroughs, Luke Rennells Piano/voice: Claire Habbershaw Percussion/guitar: Mathieu Robert Percussion/Voice: Amy Summers Singleton Percussion/Voice: Danny Traves French Horn:  Simon Jelley Wilf Astin-Cooke Euphonium: Martin Thomson Trumpets: Edmund Habershon Peter Lewis Laurie Cobb Steve Waterman Tuba:
Acey Court Holly Smith Baritone: 
Pascal Sleigh  


Katie Burks Izzy Catterall Federico Gambarini Noa Iluz Brittany Roberts Suzanne De Vilder Joao Paulo Faria  Lucas Kad Rafi Curtis Grace Clover  Ethan Fisk Millie Kennedy Lizzie Kitchener Emily Brown Maria Savva