The Lilford Gallery

In October 2018, the Lilford Gallery in Canterbury hosted a Tonesight installation for the duration of the Canterbury Festival. This was the second event at the Lilford, following the Lora Zombie collaboration earlier in the year.

Painter Greg Stobbs worked with students, staff and professional musicians at Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys to produce the painting ‘Tree Friends’ and corresponding music.

On a summer’s day in the school quad, Greg developed the large-scale painting over a number of hours, directly alongside improvising musicians, who responded to the work as it took shape on the canvas.

Tree Friends by Greg Stobbs

The creative process resulted in recordings that expressed - and amplified - Greg’s extraordinary artwork, and the result was enjoyed by hundreds of visitors to the Lilford Gallery, who had the chance to interact with the painting across the three weeks of the Canterbury Festival.

An event to launch the project - and the first example of the ‘two-handed’ Tonesight experience - involved performances by Langton students and professional musicians including flautist Paul Cheneour on Sunday 28th October 2018.