Catching Lives

Catching Lives is a charity in Canterbury providing daycentre, mental health and support services to the homeless of East Kent.

In 2018, the charity contacted Tonesight to look into the possibility of working on a project, seeing potential benefits for visual artists at the centre and clients with visual impairments.

Richard began music workshops at the centre in the summer of 2018, performing at the centre and introducing visitors to the portable Tonesight system. Later in 2018, workshops began with 6th form musicians from Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys, who visited the centre and developed projects with artists.

Through a process of sharing their own musical tastes and their experiences, and contributing to improvisation sessions through the use of live looping, sequenced tracks were created for two visual artists at the centre.

These edited tracks were then used as the basis for painting sessions by the artists, with the painters immersing themselves in the music and soundscape during the process of creating large-scale canvases.

Once complete, the paintings were photographed and uploaded to the Tonesight website, from where the different layers of music from each track could be attributed to the corresponding parts of each painting.

Once complete, Richard and the students returned to the centre to introduce the Tonesight projects to the clients, who were able to experience their own music now synchronised - through their movements - to their canvases, and introduce it to other clients, including those with sight-impairment.

One of the projects - created by Alex at Catching Lives - has been entered for the 2019 Portfolio Exhibition at the Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate.

Alex's painting